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The Queens Head at Blyford
Creative chef/cook required for Independent Suffolk pub.

We are looking for a creative chef to join our team. Working in an easygoing kitchen serving a high standard of contemporary pub food using only the best homegrown and locally sourced produce showcasing the best the area has to offer.

The right person will definitely have worked in a catering environment, preferably a hotel/ restaurant or pub kitchen. You will be well versed in kitchen life used to cooking and serving food to order. You will need to enjoy both prep-time and service and the pressures and joys it can bring!

You will be an integral part of the creative process of new dishes and recipes. Working in synergy with landlord and chief cook Matt. You will be able to enjoy some real freedom in a small restaurant environment, creating fresh plates from foraged, homegrown, hunted and ‘known grown’ produce. We seek out small independent producers and farms and have an ever growing network of independent suppliers across Suffolk and Norfolk.

You absolutely must be friendly approachable and reliable, have a clean and tidy mentality and be willing to get stuck in when the chips are down. Flexible shifts when we can but mainly splits based on the usual patterns.

Our cooking.

We focus on seasonality and what we call ‘known grown’ ie we know who grew it or at very least our suppliers knows them. We research classic recipes and dishes and put our own spin on them to hopefully bring fresh and creative dishes in our classic pub environment.

Our kitchen garden here at QHB guides our menu to ensure seasonal fresh produce is being used and that we know what to buy when sourcing from elsewhere. Our aim is to complement our supplied produce and use it teach us why we need to retain the old ways to preserve abundance when it occurs.

We are always looking for old and new ways to preserve, pickle and ferment and there is little on our menu that isn’t touched by the above. We bake fresh sourdough everyday and make everything we sell from base ingredients to ensure a full detailed understanding of what we are selling.

In return we can offer a competitive salary depending on your experience and skill set, good tips and a genuinely nice place to work. Our pub is also our home so you have to be ok with being part of the family and be ok with kids, dogs, chickens etc. We are happy to share any knowledge or skills we have and want the right person to be be part of our own culinary journey.

To get a better picture you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to really see what we’re doing on a daily basis.

We are also playing with sustainability and self sufficiency ideas that we look forward to bringing to fruition along with everything else we do.

So if the above floats your boat then we really Look forward to hearing from you. Email us at:

Matt & Hanna Goodwin, Queens Head Blyford.

Insta: @queensheadblyford

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The Queen's Head
Southwold Road
Suffolk IP19 9JY